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Welcome to the CLIME Wiki

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Spring, 2011

 Blog: CLIME Connections

Original Website: clime.org


Current Calendar

4.13.11 NCSM Tech SIG Discussion

4.14-16.11 NCTM Annual Conference

6.5.11 World Science Festival

6.26-29.11 ISTE Conference


3/18/11 - PreCalc Conference, Rutgers U., New Brunswick, NJ

3/12/11 - Ten County Math Conference, Mamaroneck, NY

1/28/11 - Educon 2.3 - Philadelphia, PA - Takeaways 1 and 2

1/13/11 - AMTNJ Conf - Somerset, NJ 

12/6/10 - CLIME Story

12/5/10 - Vote for your favorite Webinar Series

11/30/10 - Read latest blog entry. NCTM conferences: Where are the bloggers?

11/10/10 - NCTM is now promoting their annual meeting which means CLIME is beginning to do the same. If you go to the NCTM conference site you'll see this:


Follow CLIME's progress in preparing for the conference at CLIME's blog.


Booth 326 details

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